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Changing the Market with Your Personal Data

Image Source ———- Scott Adams: Facebook Killer “Suppose a company offered you a billion dollars in exchange for a portion of your privacy. To make this arrangement palatable, imagine that the company promises that your data will only be used anonymously. You don’t totally trust them, but it’s not as if you rob banks in … Continue reading

The Oil of The Internet

source ——————— “Personal Data is the new oil of the Internet and the new currency of the digital world.” Meglena Kuneva, Consumer Commissioner, March 2009. [source] There is no denying the value of the personal data. It can be used for understanding market trends, developing effective business models, or for target marketing. As much as … Continue reading

Consumer Control: Reality or Fantasy?

Image Source ———– This post was written by Dacey Arashiba, our resident Analytics expert. ———— Mark Wolfenson recently wrote “The Consumer Isn’t Really in Control: Why Agencies Need to Counsel Marketers That Their Brands’ Narrative Is Still in Their Hands” (adage.com). His statement is that consumer control is still not a true reality. While the … Continue reading

Automation Has its Use in Social Media, But it is Limited

Image Source ———— This post was written by Jen Patton, Talk3’s blog moderator, Content Curator, and Social Media Strategist. ———— Our company has recently intitiated active participation on Facebook and Twitter. Trying to establish a solid footing is an interesting experience. As a company representative, I try to pay attention to how other people interact … Continue reading

Screw Semantics

Image Source ————— This post was written by Sue Kim. Her areas of expertise include computational intelligence, classifiers, and curation. ————— Screw Semantics The title of this post, of course, is purely incendiary.  At Talk3, we value semantic technologies, and employ them in creating consumer-centric solutions.  But in an era where academic research meets mainstream … Continue reading

Social Media’s Influence on Young People in Barcelona

Image Source This piece was written by Julie Campbell, who recently returned from vacation. —– Social networking is alive and well among the American study-abroad students in Barcelona! Don’t bother sending you student with detailed guidebooks. Your friends’ recommendations don’t help either. Forget the 73 reviews on http://www.timeout.com/Barcelona. Zagat and Frommers are no help either. … Continue reading


What Really Drives Social Commerce

Image Source ——— The Truth About What Really Drives Social Commerce “Let’s get one thing clear- social commerce is not new. From inviting friends to sharing recommendations, social commerce has been an integral part of commerce long before the internet. So, what has changed?” —- Social Commerce in and of itself is not new. It … Continue reading

Game Mechanics and Loyalty

Image Source ——— Why Scvngr’s “Chief Ninja” is the Talk of SXSW “The Boston startup plans to disrupt Groupon and Foursquare by making a game that combines the genius of both, and imagines how the benefits of games can extend beyond business.” ——— There is a huge amount of potential in gaming as it relates … Continue reading

Shift Toward Consumer Control Is Happening Now

Image Source Attention to Intention to VRM – Opportunities for Entrepreneurs “You cannot do personalization effectively without knowing an awful lot of information about an enormous number of people. The privacy backlash is building. Today it is only techies who are aware of the issue and where it is headed, but when mainstream users get … Continue reading

Important Social Media Trends and You

Image Source ——— Seven Important Social Media Trends for the Next Year “Social media changes from month to month. Trends come and go quicker than the seasons change. The latest trendy site could be next year’s Myspace and the hottest new site probably hasn’t even been conceived yet or is at the couple of guys … Continue reading

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