Game Mechanics and Loyalty

“The Boston startup plans to disrupt Groupon and Foursquare by making a game that combines the genius of both, and imagines how the benefits of games can extend beyond business.”
There is a huge amount of potential in gaming as it relates to building loyalty. There are several companies getting into the mix, such as Foursquare, GoWalla, Facebook Places, and Groupon. The apps that are currently available have plenty of room to grow in the areas of widespread appeal and level of gaming mechanics.
Affect on Marketers:
Allowing customization not only builds personal interest and loyalty, it increases the likelihood that users will share the products of their efforts with their friends. It is widely recognized that peer recommendations have more resonance than direct marketing messages.
This is another strong support for the importance of consumer control. This is a key factor in how the Talk3 platform works, allowing the user to tailor whatever app they are engaged with to their personal needs, wants, and interests. Like Scvngr, we provide some built in selections, and allow the user to take it from there. Truly tapping into this opportunity means increasing the options for customization, reducing restrictions, providing easy to use sharing functionality and fun ways to interact with your community, advancing gaming mechanics, and finding more widely appealing rewards.

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