Important Social Media Trends and You

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Seven Important Social Media Trends for the Next Year
“Social media changes from month to month. Trends come and go quicker than the seasons change. The latest trendy site could be next year’s Myspace and the hottest new site probably hasn’t even been conceived yet or is at the couple of guys in a garage stage.”

No one can pinpoint with certainty how long the “next big thing” in social media will last, but it is possible to stay current on the trends and adapt accordingly. It is more important to actively participate in a meaningful way than to be “right.” If you are firmly positioned as an important player in the game, it is not as important how the game changes.

Affect on Marketers:
Active participation can put marketers ahead of the curve. Having a solid presence can aid in staying relevant to whatever changes are occurring in the social media landscape. Staying current on trends and participating in those relevant to your services is important, but not as valuable as continuously being aware of how those trends are being received by the public.

“Building that content in to Facebook and other social sites while all hooking back to their own website will be crucial with video playing a more and more important role in the branded content play.”

This is a key point to keep in mind both for companies/brands, and for individuals seeking to create a personal brand for themselves.

Talk3 specifically could have a pivotal role in this aspect of the bigger picture. Allowing individuals to curate for themselves, and providing the ability to approve or disapprove the marketing messages that are being constantly sent their way, is a powerful asset. We can serve as a link, facilitating a personalized, enriched experience for consumers, and allowing brands to share their voices and values in a less intrusive, and therefore much more valuable and appealing way.


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