The Next Frontier for Social Media Marketing

Why Data Mining Is the Next Frontier for Social Media Marketing

“The thinking about social media in corporate marketing departments is rapidly evolving. Initially, social media was seen as yet another broadcast opportunity for pushing messages out into the world, and for many companies that view persists.”
“There’s nothing wrong with using social media as a tool for disseminating marketing messages or trying to establish deeper relationships with current or potential customers. However, there is another use of social media which may prove to be more powerful over the long term: listening to the voice of the customer by data mining social networks.”
This sounds all right…until it doesn’t. I was with the author until ‘voice of the customer,’ but then something went terribly wrong. If your process steps on privacy settings, there’s a creep factor to be wrangled with. “More powerful” does not mean “more valuable.”
Affect on Marketers:
Using social media, marketers can actively participate and attempt to create a better understanding of their client base, establishing deeper, more meaningful relationships. Or, they can dig into people’s profiles, ignore the opportunity for 1:1 interaction, and continue to target them with advertising. This post-dig targeting seems to currently be a popular conception of “personalized,” but it’s about as personalized as someone leafing through your journal to find topics to talk to you about…and skimming it; generalizing what they happen to pick up on to jump to conclusions.
While the technology for this approach may be new and growing, the approach itself hardly is. It is the CRM (consumer relationship management) idea, which in this instance makes consumers targets instead of people.
At Talk3, we understand the inherent problem. Consumers aren’t interested in this approach any longer. We can shift the focus away from digging for data, and recognize people as people instead of numbers. We can put the power back in their hands, allowing them to choose the information they want to share and the marketing messages they want to receive, as well as the brands, companies, and people they want to interact with.

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